Lampwork Beat Set - Examples


Purple Foil Lampwork

with MediuSpacer m Bling

Blue Foil Lampwork

with Medium Bling Spacer



Plum Foil Lampwork

with Medium Bling Spacer



Green Lampworks and a Green Furnace Bead with various Bling Spacers


Pale Pink Foil Lampwork

with Medium Bling Spacer



These beads are Simply Stunning!!  Great Foil Lampwork beads with CZs embedded.  They are available in Blue, Teal and Black.


               Lampwork Set # 4


                Lampwork Set # 3




               Lampwork Set # 5


               Lampwork Set # 6


               Lampwork Set # 2

               Lampwork Set # 8


               Lampwork Set # 9


This Gorgeous lead was made up for Sheree', of RedStar Min Pins.  The Lampworks in the handle are perfect with the Bling Bead set. 


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