KomfortKrate Show Lead Examples

Some examples of our newest leather and beads

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A few new examples of leads and beads

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We have letters and numbers....much less apt to get lost with your phone number in the handle.



Koshare is nodelling her new collar and lead for Spring.  This Apple & White combination, with  Gorgeous Green Bling sets.  Thank you Debbie, for letting Koshie model for us, good luck in the ring.



Silver leather with the Tribal beads is Striking.  Will look great on Michelle's Shiloh Shepherds.


This gorgeous Peony leather with Pink and Black Lampwork, now resides in Russia.



This lead was made for the 2008 Pom nationals.  Natural leather, it even has a dangly Pom charm.



White leather snap with Green Lampwork.  There is also a bracelet to match!

*see our jewellery section.



This lead is almost identical to the one above, with black accent beads in place of pink.

The Turquoise Lampwork goes beautifully with the turquoise leather.



Fantastic white leather with Blue Lampwork.



This lovely Hazel and Cognac with Red Lampwork has the kennel name in the handle.  This lead now resides in China.



This Gorgeous Black lead with Amber Lampwork bead and gold tone accents also resides in China.


These two Beauties are on their way to my friend Choong, in Malaysia.


White leather and Mauve were made for each other!



This Gorgeous black lead with the Pink Lampworks was made for a Gorgeous Dobe named Dahlia.



Very understated...Natural leather and Taupe beads.



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