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Our newest addition is our Nursery Bed.  This bed was suggested by Shelley of Gigi's Miniature Pinschers.  The bed is designed for wire crates and has multiple ties on the top and bottom to secure it in place.

What makes these beds so Unique and Special is that the bottom of them is a full size pouch, where one can insert a heating pad for the babies. The bed has top and bottom ties keeping the cord safe from mom and babies preventing injury by chewing. The second use for it is just the opposite, it can be used for an ice pack to bring the temperature down without getting the dog wet.
While the intent for the heating pad is to keep everyone safe from the cord, we feel that there is no way to use a heating pad that is 100% safe and user discretion and vigilence is a must. A faulty pad should never be used and we recommend only putting the pad on half of the bottom so that mom or babies can also get away from the heat if they want.
KomfortKrates takes no responsibility for any potential hazards resulting from the use of a heating pad. Our goal is to help keep the cord safe and and keep mom from moving the heating pad around.

These very durable Handmade beds are crafted from the finest quality material. 

All are machine washable on "Cold", then just toss them in the dryer on "low or air".  If you have the time I recommend letting them air dry outside, to save energy.



You get to choose from a wide range of colours and fabrics.  

A few of our fabrics are shown on our KomfortKrate Nursery Beds In Stock page. 

Since our stock is constantly changing, I will send you pictures of the fabrics we have on hand. 

Prices start at  -  $60.00

This bed is 18"x18"x9" and was made for Nady at Mythical Poms. 





 There is a little dip at the front of the bed to make it easier for Mom to get in and out but still high enough to keep babies inside.

This is a rear view of the bed.  You can see the zipper for the pouch at the bottom.





As you can see there are lots of ties around the top and bottom of the bed to keep it securely in place. 


This is a clear shot of the pouch in the bottom, back of the bed. 





This bed is 18"x18"x9".  The pouch is 18"x18", very roomy!
The pouch itself is between the thich quilted fabric and the flannel.




This is a side view of the construction of the bottom of the bed.




Top layer - decorative fabric

Layer of thick triple quilted fabric

Layer of flannel

Double layer of sheet fiberfill

Bottom layer of fleece.



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