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 Treat Yourself!!

Our Fantastic new Designs for....BB or BIS!!!




These are just a few samples.  The combinations are endless .

Your Purple and Gold ....BIS lead...

Designed Just for YOU!!!


For More EXAMPLES clilck here.




Introducing our new 1/4" leather!!
We now have 1/4" leather available in the following Colors:
Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, Natural and Black.
People with large breeds, have been requesting the larger leather and here it is.  The larger leather also benefits people with arthritis and those who just like the feel of something more substantial in their hand.  This is still our same soft, beautiful Kangaroo but in the wider leather.



This is a small selection of designs, made up in our new 1/4" leather.


The top one is Turquoise.   The design includes one of our Brand New Silver core Faceted beads, flanked by our Laser Cut beads.


The second is Green.  This design also included one of our New Silver Core Faceted beads, flanked by our Laser Cut beads.


The third is a Turquoise and Green Combo. This design also features our new Silver Core Faceted bead,flanked by Laser Cut beads.


The forth is Pink. This design shows how well the pink Laser Cut bead looks with the silver laser cuts as accents.


The bottom one is a pink and white combo in 1/8" leather to give you a prospective.  This design shows our new Facted beads without a core, along with the design above.








Are you a Nascar fan?

You can have your lead made up in the colors of your favorite driver!!

Then add his name and number. 

Tony Stewart, is a very successful  and popular driver, so.....

This lead has Smoke in the lead with the number 14.

You can choose any color and number.





What a fantastic gift for the Junior Handler in your life!!! 

Gift certificates available!



  Looking for an ideal gift for a dog loving friend? Great for last minute shopping without the worry of the wrong size, color or fit. 





This Show Stopper has our 

"Jewel Bling Set"

Teal Lampworks embedded with CZs.

The black leather shows it to perfection.

This lead is a 6 thong, 1/8" or 3 mm, black leather.



 Classic Beauty - White Leather

Pale Pink Foil Lampwork Bling Set

This lead is a 4 thong, 1/8" or 3 mm white leather.



 Stunning Purple leather lead

Purple Foil Lampwork bead Bling Set

This is a 3/32" of 2.5 mm Purple leather.






Our Custom Handbraided Leads are made from only the finest Imported Australian Kangaroo Leather.  The softest and strongest leather available.  Your lead is custom made....... just for you!!!


What you get  - Included!!

A 5" braided handle.....Free!!




Our 4 thong/strand 3/32" amd 1/8" leads are $1.00 per inch

6 thong are $1.50 per inch.



Our new 1/4" leather leads are:

4 thong - $2.00 per inch.

6 thong - $3.00 per inch


A combination of 2 - 1/8" thongs and 2 1/4" thongs are $1.50 per inch




There is a knot placed before and after your bead set.  The beads are braided securely in place, they will never slip and slide


We also have alphabet letters,  with either vertical or horizontal holes, in gold and silver tone.   Most people put their kennel, breed or dog name in the handle of their lead.  Letters are $1.00 each.  Numbers are also available at $1.00 each. 

We have Gorgeous imported Lampwork beads, for $5.00 each.  Fabulous Bling beads available @ $5.00 each.  

All of our Beads are Jewelery store quality!!

Check out our Bead Set Combination page.  It may give you some ideas or make your own Bead Sets from our extensive stock of beads, on our Beads in Stock page. 

Because we have new beads arriving daily, we never have all the beads up on the website.  I am always available to show you exactly what we have in in stock, or to make up some new combinations just for you.




NEW!!!   We have a limited number of breed charms available at $6.00 each.  See the Pom club lead on our Home page.  


Our 6 thong/strand leads are $1.50 per inch.  We now have a very limited number of beads that will fit on a 6 strand lead.  Please contact us for more information.


Our 4 thong leads in the new 1/4" leather are $2.00 per inch. 

Our 6 thong leads in the new 1/4" leather are $3.00 per inch.












KomfortKrate  -  Lead Facts


The Imported Kangaroo leather in this lead is generally accepted as the strongest and softest and most supple leather available.  The more you use the lead the softer it gets.  The “feel” to the hand is amazing.  The look cannot be beaten.  Flexibility is second to none.

I have been told that the leather is much less apt to break coat as a man made fiber.  I have smooth coats, I have to rely on my friends with coated breeds for this information.

Many of my leads have what I have dubbed a “gentle” choke.  In the collar directly at the throat of the dog, I have used a flat braid, instead of a round braid.   I think this a little more gentle on the throat and the coat.

I have also been told Kangaroo leather leads are lucky.  Certainly not for the Roo, but in the ring they have a winning record.



To Core or Not to Core  -  THAT IS THE QUESTION!!


Cores are said to strengthen the lead and prevent excessive stretching.


I have researched the matter extensively, and talked with many whip makers, and long time braiders (who have been braiding for decades).

This is what I found.........

Any kind of core braided into the lead – impedes the tensile strength of the leather.  Leather stretches and it retracts.  If the leather stretches and the core doesn’t, then the entire pull exerted on the lead, is on the core, not the leather!

This leather is extremely strong and you can take any size dog in the ring with complete confidence.  It is a simple matter of using the right size of leather and the proper number of strands/thongs for your breed. 

This is a “Show” lead not a training lead.  It is not meant to take an untrained rambunctious dog for his nightly stroll…..











You have my opinion of a core.   That said, there have been many, many customer requests, for a core!!!  


I now have an extremely flexible Dacron core that I will braid into your lead - upon request.













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