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 On April 6/09 Susi Gleffe wrote;

 Hi Brenda!

The lead came today and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't thank you enough. I've sent pictures to friends and one asked if I would mind if they ordered one just like it!!!

Thanks again!!


Susi Gleffe
Toon Town Papillons
Central California
When I asked Susi for permission to post her message, she added this,
Sure Brenda. Here's another quote - mix and match to your liking!

It was so much fun to work with Brenda planning Natalie's special lead. It turned out to be a work of art in leather! Her patience and expertise made it an enjoyable experience, and I can't wait to plan my next special lead with her!

I'll try to get a pic this weekend.


 On Apr 4/09, Rhonda Brunning wrote;

Just letting you know, we received your donation and they are AWSOME!!! they are going to be great items for our auction, thank you SO much!!!!

This is a lead I donated to:

Newfiepalooza 2009
Fundraiser For Rescue
May 23rd, 2009


Good Luck on your auction!!



On April 1/09 Elaine Kellam of wrote Pleasant Ridge Bordeaux wrote:


Thank you Brenda.  I appreciate how quick you manage to get them done.  I am sure he will love them.  They are a gift for a friend who shows bordeauxs as well.
Ballack and his new leash took Reserve Winners and Best of Winners on the weekend with another 5 point major - we are 4 pts away from his AKC Championship already.  I am pretty excited for him.
Thanks again, we I am sure will be in touch.



 On March 19/09,   Beverly Diamond wrote:

Diamondmine Kennels  http://www.diamondmineshowdogs.com/


 Just got home from the post office, went to pickup my package. Thank
you for making such a beautiful quality show lead, its refreshing to
receive something that the maker took pride in when they made it. For
once I got something I ordered and was not disappointed in fact its
nicer than I even imagined! I can't wait to use it this coming weekend
and hopefully I will have a photo or two I can send  you.




 On March 18, 2008, Kari Miller wrote:

Thanks so much for the lead,  I can't wait to use in on Saturday for show classes.  

Quincy won't be the only thing I'm showing off.  As soon as I get a pic I will email it to you.I will for sure be ordering another, I just have to decide what the other colour of leather I will choose.

Thanks again,




Update, I received this note from Elaine on Mar. 18, 09.    Way to go Elaine!!

Hello There!
I just thought I would send along some results from our show this weekend.  The first show with our new leash brought us 2 BEST OF BREEDS!
Attached is a picture.  I will send along a better one when I get them.

Elaine Kellam wrote on Feb 26, 09.

Hello, I got my lead today.  I have to tell you.....

IT IS FABULOUS!!!!!!  The workmanship is incredible.  It is just stunning and you were right on with the colour - it looks great.  The beadwork is beautiful.  I am sure it will bring me only good luck in the ring..:0)

Thank you so much.  I would like to go ahead an order another to match but only 42"

PLEASE!!!!!! and of course Thank you.  I will of course also email you a picture with the dog on the end of it when I get a chance.







Michelle Wirrell wrote on Feb 24, 09:

Hi Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that I got my lead today and WOW it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My boys are really going to stand out in the show ring with that lead on.  I'm going to go to herding on March 7th and will take it with me to show everyone.  I hope people will contact you to make them one.  I'm sure I'll be ordering another one in the near future.  Dynamo is Black and Tan, so I'm trying to decide what would be the best color to complement him.

I took some new pics of Dynamo today and if you would like to see them go to issdcse.blogspot.com  it's our local Shiloh chapter forum blog and he's featured today.  Let me know what you think of his new pics.

Thanks again for making me such a beautiful lead.

Michelle Wirrell

Abba's Shilohs




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