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We have been very fortunate, with our fantastic customers!!





Cheryl Peters wrote on Jan 12, 09

Capers Bichon Frise  http://www.bichonz.com/capers/index.htm


Hi Brenda
I used the leads at the International Shows this weekend with my puppy, Dena.  They are gorgeous.  I had a friend take a picture of Dena and the lead but the quality is not the best.  I will forward and see what you think.  I also had Dena's picture taken with the purple best of breed lead by the professional photographer so when I get that I'll send a copy to you as well.  Dena (at 5 months) was BIS Puppy in one show and Reserve BIS Puppy in another one.  She did just great and is now an International Baby Champion!

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Sandy Alexander wrote on Dec 16, 08

Hi Brenda, the package arrived and we are soooooo happy. The lead is gorgeous, and the bed. Well, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I put it on the floor next to their donut bed. They both poked t heir heads into the bed and then Nelly got in it and she has not been out since!!! That is over an hour ago. I just took these photos for you. We may never see her again!! Thanks and I will send more photos. Just say "stop" when I have sent too many. Also, thanks for the toys. They seem less destructible than the ones you can get in stores. I am sure that  I will be a repeat shopper. Thanks and I am so glad that I found you. If you need a written testimonial for your website or a reference, use ME!!!!

Thanks a million,


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Kathy Cameron of Kaethreh Miniature Pinschers, after her second order, wrote:

Kaethreh Miniature Pinschers  http://www.miniaturepinschers.org/

Hi Brenda,
I got my nursery bed yesterday.  I have totally fallen in love with it.........I love the zipper which prevents pups from getting inside.  I will try the toys out too.  Thanks again.

Have a great Christmas!

Nov 2008


Cheryl Peters of Capers Bichon Frise wrote:

Capers Bichon Frise  http://www.bichonz.com/capers/index.htm

The leads are stunning!  Thanks so much.  I'm keeping them on my bathroom vanity so I can admire them!  You do great work!



Danielle Bordage wrote:

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!  Yes, I got my leash today!!  I love it! It is going to be perfect for my friend for Christmas.  I am so pleased with it.  You did an amazing job.

Thanks Again

Nov 2008

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Kathy Cameron of Kaethreh Miniature Pinschers, wrote, after her first order:

Kaethreh Miniature Pinschers  http://www.miniaturepinschers.org/

Hi Brenda,

The beds are a big HIT!  They have already been taken over by two dominant girls.  The leads are beautiful.  I will use them when I start showing again later this year.

Thanks again.  I will pass your name on to others.


Sept 2008



Paula Hendricks (Bibelot Bichons) wrote:

Bibelot Bichons  paulah@wash.k12.mi.us

HI Brenda,

I received the lead today and I LOVE it!  It really turned out nice and looks just like I had hoped it would.  Thank you so very much.  Thank you again.


Nov 2008

When I asked for permission to publish her note, I received this reply:

I used it on my puppy at the Lansing shows to show him in the puppy match---He got a group II!  It must work well, don't you think?

Happy Holidays...


Dec 2008


 Lori Mazur (Loralyn) wrote:

Loralyn Kennels http://www.loralynkennels.com/

I really like the collar I got from you in Canada - must be lucky, because I put 2 AKC majors on a Border Collie (Will) and was WB/BOS with my Aussie bitch (Hula) using that collar (this past weekend).
Aug. 2008





Bonnie Sunnen wrote:



Great Job. If you want any pictures of my goldens enjoying their pads, just let me know!






March 2008





Kalli & Sunny on their KomfortKrate Pads.  Sunny wears gripper socks, he's elderly and can't get traction on the hardwood floors.   We recently lost Sunny.  A piece of our hearts went with him on his journey.


Alysha Hoskins wrote:



Hi Brenda (Granny)


haha, the site looks awesome!! You make alot of beautiful stuff, our girls still love the beds! There isnt one night... or day that they're not in them! Thanx again!!


March 2008




This isn't her bed, Dallas was being a Demo Dog.


First born, Diamond was always a Diva!


Patricia Gauthier wrote:



Hi Brenda!

You are one amazing woman. You are very creative and can do anything you put your mind to. As I am a breeder, I find that your beds stand up well to lots of wear and tear. My dogs love them!



Thank you, Pat.



March 2008




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