KomfortKrate Demo Dogs


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This was our gang in 2007.

Diamond, Panda, Moriah, Yogi, Big Girl and Dallas.

Diamond and Dallas have since gone to their Forever home with David and Alysha


If you would like to see more pictures of all 6 puppies and poor Panda when I thought she would burst...check out my album on Webshots.  Just click on Miniature Pinscher Puppies



 Deja and Kirby are just TOO cute!! 

Deja is a Champion mom as well as a show dog. 

Thanks Shelley for the great pic.



Our model today...Koshie (Koshare)!!  She is showing us her new Black lead with the Teal Bling set.  Koshie is owned by Debbie Reed-Carley.  We had a great time designing Koshie's new spring outfits!!

Kalli & Sunny on their KomfortKrate Pads.  Sunny wears gripper socks, he's elderly and can't get traction on the hardwood floors.   We recently lost Sunny.  A piece of our hearts went with him on his journey.



Dallas was sure this (XXL)   Doberman bed fit her perfectly! 

Min Pin have no idea they are small dogs. 


Diva, Diamond lovers her leopard bed (Small)


 BunkBeds!!  No really, Aunt Moriah is a great cuddly buddy.  Her sister Diamond is the "Diva", Dallas s the "Devil" she has been an devlish imp, her whole life.




We not only make them, we use them!  Panda, Moriah, Dallas with her stuffy, and Diamond.

Panda raised 6 children in these beds last spring, and the beds are still going strong

I had two leads set up on the edge of the pond for a "Photo Shoot", when the phone rang.  Our resident Diva, Moriah, decided that was where she wanted to be.

There really is a dog in there!!  It is hard to tell Gailee, the Chinese Crested, from the bed.



 This is just Too Cute!!




 My Buddy Nady of Mythical Poms, suggested this model of KrateTray.  The Model is now called the "Nady".  Her gorgeous Poms make great Demo Dogs.



 Thank you Nady, for providing these Gorgeous pictures of your "Mythical Poms" using our Nursery Beds.  For more pictures of Nady's dogs check out our KomfortKrate Nursery Beds - At Work!! page or www.mythicalpoms.com







Presenting our Patapin MinPins

Ch Patapin Yogi Bear (#1 MinPin in Canada 2004)

Ch Patapin Panda Bear (littermate to Yogi and former Best In Show Puppy)

Ch Patapin Gentle Wind Moriah

Ch Patapin Ima Big Girl Now

Patapin Diamond and Patapin Dallas, Panda's girls from her last litter.

Thank you, Pat for my beautiful babies and the opportunity to whelp a litter.  An experience  that I will hold in my heart forever.