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Our KomfortKrate Beds are quite unique.  They are like cuddly little dens or burrows.  They lie on top, when they're warm and they burrow inside, when they're cool. 

These very durable Handmade beds are crafted from the finest quality material. 

All are machine washable on "Cold", then just toss them in the dryer on "low or air".  If you have the time I recommend letting them air dry outside, to save energy.





 They fit right inside

    your crate

  Kool & Komfy

On top for Summer


Snuggle inside

Kuddly & Kozy

   inside for








We have tiny beds XXS

suitable for a puppy

or Chihuahua size.

We have XXL

for large dogs,

Dobe size.




Size Dimensions       Beds
XXS 9"w x 12" deep x 5"h  $      35.00 
XS 12"w x 15" deep x 6"h  $      40.00 
S 15"w x 18" deep x 8"h  $      50.00 
M 18"w x 21" deep x 9"h  $      60.00 
L 21"w x 25" deep x 10"h  $      85.00 
XL 24"w x 30" deep x 11"h  $     100.00 
XXL 30"w x 36" deep x 12"h  $    125.00 
*all sizes approximate*  

 Payment and Shipping.

We love Custom Orders!!  We are in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and encourage pick-ups.

We accept Paypal and Cash payments.

Since all of our items vary greatly in size, it is extremely difficult, to give a flat shipping rate.   We have had great results for Expedited Parcel - with Canada Post.  If you like we will get shipping rates from UPS and FedEx and you can choose your carrier.  

Please contact us with any questions.  komfortkrate@komfortkrate.ca or by phone at:  519-354-6488.


Brenda Kells

All inquiries and custom orders welcome!





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