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All of our Lampwork Beads and Bling Spacers are Jewellery Store Quality!!

Custom made Quality just for you!!





  *NEW*  Bling Spacers...Just Gorgeous!!   Click Here


Breathtaking...there is no other word.  This is what we call a "Bling Set", the cost is $16.00 per set.

The Lampwork Beads are $5.00 each and the "Bling" Cz spacers are $5.00 each.




There are a large variety of Lampwork Foils.


These beads are Simply Stunning!! 

We call these our Jewels 

They are gorgeous Foil Lampwork beads with CZs embedded in the side. 

They look sensational with the Bling Spacers on either side. 

These beads are $5.00 each.




 A great example of our Teal Jewel Bling Set





The Black 6 thong lead is just perfect for, 

this Classic, Teal Jewel Bling Set.





A preview of some of our Green beads with our new Bling Spacers!!




These laser cut Aluminum are Fabulous.  They even fit on a 6 thong braid.  WOW!!

These beads are $5.00 each.



We have metalized plastic alphabet and number beads.  They sell for $1.00 each.

These beads come in silver and gold tones, horizontal and vertical letters, they are available at $1.00 each.

Number beads are available in silvertone only.





We have thousands of beads in stock.  This page provides organized links to help you in your search.

Imported Silver Core Lampwork Beads

Lampwork Bead Example Sets

Aluminum Laser Cut Beads 

Beads in Stock  - You can choose 5 beads from this page, for your lead.  Any Bead on this page is included in the cost of your lead.

Bead Set Combinations

Bead Set Combinations - with Silver tone Beads 

Wooden and Spacer Beads







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